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Weekly Check In’s

Check-ins are completed through a link to video feedback which will be recorded via loom going over progress photos, measurements, and other variables that are recorded to ensure you're progressing towards your goals. Adaptions are made if needed.

Daily Communication

Daily WhatsApp support with the same day response within 2 - 4 hours.

Training Plan

A bespoke training plan tailored to you and your goals whether that be in your own home or at your gym. Video demonstration upon request.

Nutritional Plan

Personalised calorie/macronutrient split to meet your goals. Nutritional SupportFull support planning your food every day, suggestions for social events, guidance for restaurant outings, and ideas for meal prepping. You will receive Ebooks focused on eating out, drinking with many more to come over time.

Lifestyle Adjustments

Changes made to the plan when needed e.g. Injury, holiday, meals out etc.

Facebook Support Group

Access to a private Facebook group with our other clients where we share food ideas, motivation, and daily chit chats.

Coached by GLJ

Coached by GLJ is an online personal training and coaching service that offers a bespoke experience to help women achieve their goals.

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