"All my life I struggled with overweight. After I lost 48kg I was very scared to gain weight again. I really wanted to start gaining muscles as I just felt "skinny" so I started to go to the gym. My muscles got hard, but they didn't grow. But I was just too afraid of eating many calories. But then I found G. So I started the online coaching with CoachedByGLJ. I'm now eating 2500kcal a day, training 5 times a week and it works wonders!!!! My muscles are growing and my fat gain is minimal. I'm so thankful for their help and can't be happier about the results! In my journey with them I had some downs, cause of personal circumstances but they always have my back and know exactly how to get me back on track! This is personal coaching and no "copy and paste". So you reach your PERSONAL goals! I truly love you guys!!"


"Coached by GLJ is my first ever fitness coach. Before joining the online coaching programme I went to the gym for over a year without really seeing any significant progress and tried to loose some weight unsuccessfully. I am not really the athletic type, so I was a bit hesitant but I was immediatly convinced by not only the success stories of the people coached by GLJ, but because I saw all different kinds of women, with different body types and different fitness levels and different goals. So I decided to give it a try and it has been the best decision I have ever made fitness wise. The programme is clearly structured and easy to follow. The progress and change I`ve seen in my first month was blowing me away. I`ve lost weight without beeing hungry and was still able to eat my favourite foods while I learnt a great deal more about nutrition. If I`ve struggled with something, they were quick to offer me solutions and make changes to my personal programme that helped me a lot. The feedback I receive is so helpful  and additionally there is also a great online community where you can get some additional input from other members as well."


"Since working with G I have developed a whole new relationship with food. Before I was so restrictive and wasn’t aware of what my body needed. Although its been a very long process for me to overcome the battles with food, G has helped me through the process and been there for me to keep me accountable. Gaining muscle is a slow process and to have G to reassure me and coach me through this period has been a life changer. G has been quick to adapt for both gym and home workouts with the changing tier restrictions, and has made me feel confident in myself. I cannot wait to push myself over the next couple of months and really see how far I can go!"


"Working with CoachedByGLJ has completely changed my life, I struggled with food balance and feeling confident in myself. Would always restrict foods and always end over indulging, I would constantly over work muscle groups with no idea what I was doing. Working with CoachedByGLJ has been the best choice I have ever made, I wouldn’t recommend anyone else especially with the in-depth check ins we have week to week and the insane killer workouts I get given."


"I have just started my 8th month with CoachedbyGLJ now and I can honestly say both G and Harv have changed my life! I am the happiest and healthiest I’ve been in years both mentally and physically. I no longer fear food and now eat for enjoyment and to fuel my body. I train, not because I hate my body but because I love training, pushing myself to my limits and getting stronger! I used to be obsessed with the scale and wanting to weigh a certain amount however, I now no longer care what the scale says. 

G and Harv go above and beyond for each and every client. They answer any questions we have, are there for you when you’re having a down day, share your excitement when you’ve achieved something and are our biggest supporters no matter our goals. They’ve put their heart and soul into making CoachedbyGLJ a great community and I am so proud to have them as my coaches and be part of their team of clients. CoachedbyGLJ will forever be one of the best investments I have made for myself and I can guarantee it will be one of the best investments for anyone else as well.❤️"


"Getting a coach was definitely one of the best decisions I have ever made! Not only have I learnt so much from them in the last 11 weeks, the amount of support and encouragement they continue to provide on a daily basis is definitely a contributor to me kicking goals every week. The best thing about being coached by CoachedByGLJ is that my plans are personally tailored to me. If I don’t particularly enjoy a certain cardio or exercise – they will change it to something I prefer. And most importantly – weekly check ins! These are super thorough and detailed and we always have a new set of goals to kick for every week."


"Before working with CoachedByGLJ... I had no real training program or direction. I just went to the gym because I liked it but after realising its time to work on myself I joined with G and Harv and can honestly say I do not regret it!! I fell back in love with not only the gym but my body!! I previously had alot of fears when it came to food but G has literally been there every step ,talked me through everything and she's always there no matter the time or day! G has made me love the gym 10× more by giving me direction and guidance when needed but also changing my program up so I'm 100% focused and committed! Thank you CoachedByGLJ for making me love the gym and myself"