3 years ago I quit my job at BMW to follow my passion helping other women reach their goals. I’ve been there, doing hours of cardio and not seeing the results I wanted to! I want to show women that we can enjoy our favourite foods and still achieve our goals of looking and feeling our best without spending hours in the gym on cardio machines. That’s what we do at Coached By GLJ.





I first joined the gym, like most of us do, to get fit, feel better in myself, and to build up my confidence. I studied Sports Coaching and Development at University and have been coaching since 2016. Now, I use my knowledge of exercise and nutrition to help women achieve their goals without sacrificing their health, and creating a sustainable lifestyle balance where they can still enjoy time with family and friends.





I have a passion for fitness and helping females reach goals they have always wanted to. I am currently studying BSc Strength & Conditioning at University and I have been a personal trainer for 4 years. I am so happy to be working alongside G and Harv with the CoachedByGLJ team and to be helping women love food, feel good and strong!



My love of fitness only really started when I decided I wanted to lose some weight, and change my body shape. I ended up falling in love with the gym and lifting weights, and the bonus of my new sport was I lost 12kg along the way. I began to feel more confident about myself, my mindset completely changed and overall I became a stronger person all round. I realized that I could enjoy meals out with family, drinks with friends and enjoy a Healthy Happy Lifestyle Balance, and this is one of the fundamental reasons I joined the GLJ Team as this is the Team’s Ethos….That you can enjoy your life whilst making memories and working towards your goals.



I was known as the sporty one whilst I was growing up for my love of all sports. In my late teens, I started dancing mainly Ballroom and Latin American, I achieved various medals whilst dancing and decided my next challenge would be to start training in the gym and this eventually led on to becoming a Fitness Coach. My aim has always been as a coach to help women to feel confident, strong and happy on both the inside and the out. It’s not about under-eating and hours of cardio, it’s about creating a lifestyle balance that you enjoy and love, one that you can sustain to keep feeling your best self.


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