At Coached By GLJ we advocate genuine lifestyle changes within our clients. We want to help you change your everyday habits and routines to create lasting change. We focus on improving your knowledge and understanding of training and nutrition, helping your relationship with food and creating a sustainable lifestyle. Our aim is that what you learn training with Coached By GLJ will stay with you and you won’t feel the need to make drastic cuts to your diet ever again. Our services have been designed to support you reach your goals.

Weekly Check In’s

We always start with an in-depth assessment of you and your fitness goals. As part of the signup process, we will send you a questionnaire about your current diet , current exercise routine and more about your lifestyle and goals. This will form our Nutrition and exercise plans which are personalised to the individual. Check-ins are weekly and are completed by your appointed coach as a personalised video feedback which will be recorded via Loom. Here we will go over progress photos, measurements, and other variables, we will then make any necessary adjustment to your plans. We are here to celebrate your victories and guide you through any tricky patches.

Daily Communication

We are available via Whatsapp to ask us any questions you may have and we promise to get back to you the same day (unless stated by the coaches). Maybe you just need a high five for hitting a milestone or have a concern about a decision you’ve made – that one drink after work that turned into three. We are always around with impartial, non-judgemental and friendly advice.

Training Plan

Our training plan will be bespoke to you based on our initial assessment. It will typically contain a range of exercises, lifts, cardio-work or step goals that will depend on your goals. We’ll take into account whether you want to workout at home or at the gym or a combination of both and make sure everything is at a level and pace that’s achievable. We will send you videos of any exercises so you know their correct form too. We do ask clients to send in forms and log their lifts so they can progress in their training and so we can share and celebrate your milestones.

Food Support

We provide fully tailored calorie and macronutrients guidance with personalised nutritional support planning your food every day. We are here to help you make the right food decisions including suggestions for social events, guidance for restaurant outings and ideas for meal prepping.

Lifestyle Adjustments

We know you have busy lives. We work with mothers of young children and busy business owners and entrepreneurs as well as clients who travel a lot with jam-packed schedules. We know things change too. All Coached By GLJ plans can be adjusted to reflect where you are at any point. We are always happy to respond to change and embrace new opportunities.

Facebook Support Group

We know that sometimes you need to share your journey with a wider community. When you are coached by us, you get access to a Private Facebook Group where we encourage all our clients to post, chat and support each other! Meeting people on the same journey as you is a great way to keep yourself motivated and engaged.

One Coach

After your Consultation Call with Harv you will be assigned to one coach. They will complete your check ins, go over your form videos and will be alongside you on your fitness journey every step of the way. If you need a motivational boost, have any questions regarding any part of your plan, your coach is there to help you. CoachedByGLJ gives you continuity of care and support.

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