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3 years ago I quit my job at BMW to follow my passion helping other women reach their goals. I’ve been there, doing hours of cardio and not seeing the results I wanted to! I want to show women that we can enjoy our favourite foods and still achieve our goals of looking and feeling our best without spending hours in the gym on cardio machines. That’s what we do at Coached by GLJ.



I first joined the gym, like most of us do, to get fit, feel better in myself, and to build up my confidence. I studied Sports Coaching and Development at University and have been coaching since 2016. Now, I use my knowledge of exercise and nutrition to help women achieve their goals without sacrificing their health, and creating a sustainable lifestyle balance where they can still enjoy time with family and friends.



I was known as the sporty one whilst I was growing up for my love of all sports.In my late teens I started dancing mainly Ballroom and Latin American, I achieved various medals whilst dancing and decided my next challenge would be to start training in the gym and this eventually led on to becoming a Fitness Coach.


Coached By GLJ

Weekly Check In’s

We will be alongside you every step of the way with check-ins completed through links to video or voice note feedback.

Daily Communication

We make you feel encouraged and supported as you progress towards your goals.

Training Plan

We will create you a bespoke plan whether that be at home or at the gym or a combination of the two to suit your needs and goals.

Food Support

We provide fully tailored calorie and macronutrients guidance with personalised nutritional support planning your food every day.

Lifestyle Adjustments

We know you’re human, so our plans are flexible. We can make changes to any plan when you need them – Injuries, holidays, meals out and more!

Facebook Support Group

You get access to a private Facebook group with our other clients where we share food ideas, motivation, and daily chit chats.


Here’s what our clients have to say about us

I’ve been with CoachedByGLJ since May 2021. I decided to join after spending years of trying literally everything else out there! I would always get to a certain point and then just stop. I realised I needed the accountability and support that I just couldn’t get doing it alone…⁣ I’ve never had a great relationship with food so it was easier to just give up. Until my friend joined and started posting her incredible journey and I decided this is it, this is the missing link for me. ⁣ So I took the leap nervous as hell and joined up! I’ve never looked back. @harveyfwillis has been the best coach from day 1 he’s so supportive and encouraging I really couldn’t have done it without his help….


I first found G’s page during her bulk and was so impressed by her strength, work ethic and balanced lifestyle. It took me months to build up the courage to inquire about her coaching, but I wish I had taken the leap much sooner. Before joining I felt like I was in constant worry about food and in a cycle of deprivation, afraid to go over my fitness pal mandated calories, barely having enough energy for walks with my doggo and sometimes going to sleep hungry. Even though I feel like I’m still in the early stages of my journey to a healthier me, G’s guidance has been so integral in healing my relationship with food and my body. Some days are tough, but having someone to guide me through the ups and downs of this journey has given me so much motivation to keep pushing!


Before starting my CoachedByGLJ journey I was inconsistent with my training and food. 5-6 days of the week I’d be training intensely and eating an incredibly restricted diet, then leave one day of the week to go overboard on food and wonder why I wasn’t seeing results. Overall, my mental state was so low, my body wasn’t fuelled and it wasn’t rested! ⁣⁣Since joining the programme, not only has my training improved but I’ve managed to break out of these restrictive eating cycles and focus solely on getting stronger and less so on the aesthetics of my body! I have never been in such a consistent positive mental state plus the best shape of my life! I literally cannot thank G and Harv enough.


Before starting with CoachedByGLJ I was stuck in a very confused rut, using endless YouTube workouts, programmes and many many confusing (and all vastly different) macro calculators for months. Opposing information left my weight and strength stagnated and as a result, I thought that my body would never change no matter what I did and that my goals would just never be possible for me.⁣ When I saw other's progress pictures on CoachedByGLJ I'd be in awe of their incredible work and dedication and never thought in a million years that I would progress in the way I have!⁣ Joining CoachedByGLJ has genuinely been one of the best decisions I've made.


CoachedByGLJ has absolutely changed my life around. I was forever stopping and starting different diets and the team really gave me that accountability, drive and dedication that I needed to finally start to succeed with my goals! ⁣I never imagined that I would hit a 70kg low and I have been given the tools to keep up my progress! The changes have been mental and physical and it has been invaluable having such steady support!


All my life I struggled with being overweight. After I lost 48kg I was very scared to gain weight again. I really wanted to start gaining muscles as I just felt "skinny" so I started to go to the gym. My muscles got hard, but they didn't grow. But I was just too afraid of eating many calories. But then I found G. So I started the online fitness coaching with CoachedByGLJ. I'm now eating 2500 kcal a day, training 5 times a week and it works wonders!!!! My muscles are growing and my fat gain is minimal. I'm so thankful for their help and can't be happier about the results!!


CoachedByGLJ is my first ever fitness coach. Before joining the online coaching programme I went to the gym for over a year without really seeing any significant progress and tried to lose some weight unsuccessfully. I am not really the athletic type, so I was a bit hesitant but I was immediately convinced by not only the success stories of the people CoachedByGLJ, but because I saw all different kinds of women, with different body types and different fitness levels and different goals. So I decided to give it a try and it has been the best decision I have ever made fitness-wise. The programme is clearly structured and easy to follow.


Since working with GLJ I have developed a whole new relationship with food. Before I was so restrictive and wasn’t aware of what my body needed. Although it's been a very long process for me to overcome the battles with food, GLJ has helped me through the process and been there for me to keep me accountable. Gaining muscle is a slow process and to have GLJ to reassure me and coach me through this period has been a life-changer. G has been quick to adapt for both gym and home workouts with the changing tier restrictions and has made me feel confident in myself. I cannot wait to push myself over the next couple of months and really see how far I can go!